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Welcome To FleetManager.

We are pleased to offer FleetManager; our web based system that operates via GSM for tracking on land or via GPS satellites for vessels and cargo on the open ocean. Information provided includes location, direction, distance / time traveled, speed and when the unit starts / stops etc. This online information will be accessible from all of your offices throughout Indonesia and worldwide, by secure internet access.

Our tracking systems are therefore focused in several key areas:
  • The truck / light vehicle fleet owner who wishes to improve driver discipline and cross check wages, fuel costs and maintenance intervals.
  • The vehicle rental company that needs to monitor hours used & distance traveled for invoicing purposes as well as where the unit is taken and whether service intervals are followed.
  • The vessel owner who wishes to monitor position, fuel usage, where his vessel actually stops and whether the most efficient or safe routes are taken.
  • The cargo owner using road hauliers who wishes to track his critical cargo or high value items.
  • The cargo owner using LCTs or tugs and barges for high value or theft attractive cargo and wishes to have reduced insurance cost and ensure a quick response to an emergency.
   It's easy !
Getting started is easy. If you are an IBS Group client and interested in using FleetManager, please contact your Account Executive or our Marine team at

   It's Fast and Convenient!
If you are already a registered client of FleetManager, just login and you will find your ship's online solutions all in one place. View and manage your ships' documents from your office, anywhere in the world. We continue to develop FleetManager, so login to check our latest developments!

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