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Welcome to PolicyLink,

Now PolicyLink allows you to :
  1. Browse your current list of Policies.
  2. Get your latest Cover Note in PDF format.
  3. Export policies insured details to Excel.
   It's easy !
Getting started is easy. If you are already a registered customer of PolicyLink, just login and select your Policy.
If you are not a registered customer but would like a quotation or more information on PolicyLink, please feel free to contact
   It's fast !
Online solutions accessible to your company 24 hours a day. Easy to enter data screens and report printing functions to speed up your work.
   It's convenient !
Online solutions accessible to your branches throughout Indonesia and the world. Online reminder system to ensure vital dates are planned for well in advance.
   It's the best !
PolicyLink is the first widely used on-line insurance facility in Indonesia. A product of IBS On-Line.
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