Since 2002, IBS Group introduce CargoGuard as its Marine Insurance Online application. We provide this application as a value-added to all IBS customers for their Marine Insurance coverage.

As our valued customer, we appreciate the importance for you to issue Marine Cargo Insurance Certificates fast and conveniently to allow efficient processing of your import and export shipping documents.

Key benefits:
  1. Browse through the terms and conditions of your Marine Open Policy.
  2. Process and print insurance Certificates in your own office.
  3. Compile reports on total Certificates issued, premium payable, premium paid and many other criteria.
Terms and Conditions
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It's Easy!
Getting started is easy. If you are already a registered customer of CargoGuard, just login and select your Marine Open Policy to process your certificates. If you are not a registered customer but would like a quotation or more information on CargoGuard, please feel free to contact
It's Fast and Convenient!
Simply select your Marine Open Policy and input your certificate informations to issue your certificates. You can print it directly from your office or anywhere else.
It's Safe and Secure!
We valued your data. Our bulletproof security system is running 24 hr to secure your access. Our backup system help to mitigate the risk for data loss due to system crash, bugs, etc.
It's Widely Used!
Since its first launch, CargoGuard becoming a widely used online insurance facility in Indonesia. Our statistic proven that we continually having more than 1,000 certificates printed online using CargoGuard.

Since 2002 IBS customers have printed over 123,996 certificates online!

  CargoGuard version 5